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Terwilliger Parkway Listed on National Register of Historic Places!

Friends of Terwilliger has successfully listed 115 acres of publicly owned parkland to the National Register of Historic Places. This includes the original parkway as designed in 1912 by the Olmsted Brothers, from Duniway Park to SW Capitol Hwy including, roadways, pathways, light poles, various parkway views and vegetation. Read More

Friends of Terwilliger is an active group of volunteers dedicated to protecting and enhancing the historic and scenic character of Terwilliger Parkway.

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Eagle Point Volunteers Clean UP

Eagle Point, the area of Terwilliger Parkway with spectacular views of the mountains to the east and the Willamette River, got a welcome clean up in July.

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Please Slow Down

Portland and Seattle transportation agencies recently unveiled a program urging drivers to Slow the Flock Down!

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Neighborhood children delight in their Terwilliger Dragon.

Friends of Terwilliger spearheaded work with PGE to cut down a number of large “invasive” black locust trees in the Bancroft Right-Of-Way (ROW). These trees were threatening the main power lines coming up Bancroft St. PGE was told to leave them in place on the ground for Urban Forestry to handle.

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Friends of Terwilliger advocates for positive change
  • Multnomah County ACS
  • West Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District
  • Southwest Neighborhoods Watershed Resource
  • West Willammette Restoration Partnership
  • Portland Parks and Recreation

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